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What are the directing skills that helped the movie 'Confidential Assignment2: International' hit?

The movie "Collaboration 2: International" (director Lee Seok-hoon), which was released earlier this month, has surpassed 5 million cumulative audiences, continuing its success. In addition to the enthusiastic performances of the actors, the "previsualization" technology, which improved the completeness of the production process, seems to have driven the success of Cooperation 2.

According to the integrated computer network for movie theater tickets, the cumulative number of visitors to Air Conditioning 2 was 5,071,109 (as of the 22nd), surpassing all new foreign currency works and ranking first in the box office. In commercial films, production costs, investment scale, and other productions determine the success.

Directing is an area that encompasses screenplay, camera composition, and actors' emotional lines. Based on the extended reality (XR) metaverse system, Space Elvis, which is equipped with pre-visualization technology in the Netflix movie "Carter" released last month, is receiving positive reviews both inside and outside the industry.

The trailer for the movie 'Collaboration 2' (left), pre-visualization work (right).

This technology increases the production completeness through pre-planned production simulation, allowing the filming period, production cost, and audience response to be predicted. The pre-visualization technology added to 'Collaboration 2' utilizes Unreal 4, a real-time engine, and its own XR solution 'Xhuttle'.

It can predict high-level action sequences, actors' lines, and fine acting breathing in seconds, reducing additional variables to be filmed and enabling smooth communication between directors, members, and actors in the field.

Park Kyu-min, vice president of Space Elvis, who oversees the pre-visualization and real-time action works of Air Conditioning 2, said, "Based on shuttle and photo scan data, we added various technologies such as sensor linkage technology, motion and facial capture, digital avatar, and virtual stage to maximize production efficiency."

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