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Space Elvis presents XR hologram musical "AIR"

Space Elvis presents XR hologram musical "AIR"


- Application of pre-visualization technology and presentation of new paradigm

[AIR] poster (Photo provided = Space Elvis)

Space Elvis, which is pioneering the next-generation realistic media market by producing various performances and exhibitions based on reporter Su Soo-san = CG and VFX, will showcase the XR hologram musical AIR at the White Wave Art Center for five days from September 6 (Mon) to 10 (Fri).

It will hold a showcase for experts for two days from June 6-7 and screen for general visitors from July 8.

The musical AIR tells the story of a human being living in a pandemic era like the current Corona era and a girl chosen to save the human race.We face a situation where terrible environmental pollution causes greater disaster in the process of developing mini drones for people living in poverty and suffering.It is a hologram performance of a girl who leaves for a new world to save humanity in the words of a detective who says, "You just have to meet a green bee living in the Wima forest."

The performance is designed to allow visitors to experience various contents depending on the movement of the audience.First, audiences who enter the concert hall can watch promotional videos of the musical AIR and fake news while waiting.In the moving passageway, a projection mapping is prepared in which character movements respond to the movement of the audience.The epilogue passage, which leaves after watching the XR hologram musical, ends at the same time as experiencing interaction content.

The beauty of this work is differentiated technology development.It is a non-face-to-face performance control solution program based on VRPN (Virtual-Reality Peripheral Networks) using 5G technology, making it possible to operate with nearly half of the existing performance system.In addition, XR hologram performances can be managed quickly and strictly, from pre-visualization based on the unreal engine to solution control and VR scouting.

Space Elvis said, "The musical <AIR> will be able to build a performance system based on storytelling linked to content and watch it with fun with hologram musicals," adding, "We emphasized reality through live-action filming by actors and expect a lot of special effects."

Reservations can be made on the on-off mix website.The admission fee is 5,000 won.

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