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Panasonic Korea Special Exhibition of Arts Center Meta Gallery

Panasonic Korea Special Exhibition of Arts Center Meta Gallery

Panasonic Korea announced on the 24th that the Meta Gallery of the Arts Center, a special project supported by technology, has been held at the Seoul Arts Center since the 20th.

In order to reflect the recent trend and show synergy and potential through the combination of video technology and art, the "Art Hall Meta Gallery" presents a performance in which mapping videos follow the position of performers through HSP (High Speed Tracking Project), Panasonic's own technology. In addition, various realistic media technologies were applied through Space Elvis, an XR content company, to create a more complete exhibition. High-speed tracking is a method in which a projector's image follows a subject without delay by tracking the subject's location at high speed in real time. HSP performances are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.The HSP performance, which consists of a total of 25 minutes (10 minutes of performance, 15 minutes of experience), will be presented to visitors twice on Fridays at 18:30 and 19:00, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 13:30 and 14:30 on weekends.

The exhibition consists of four concepts, and the first theme is "Change the Interaction Performance Culture," which is Panasonic's technology, HSP stage.The performance, which Kim Do-wan, who has solid acting skills through various stages, will be presented to visitors every Friday and Saturday when the exhibition is held. The second theme "Meta, Performing Arts Evolves" is decorated with performing arts based on the holographic system, and the third theme "Facing Musical Instruments with Light" and the last theme "With Stories in Various Places" breathe with visitors. Meanwhile, the exhibition, which will be held from November 20 to December 5 at the Hangaram Museum of Art (Exhibition Hall 7), is free of charge for all ages without prior reservations, and runs from 10 to 19 every day. Lee Sang-won, an e-newspaper,


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