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[Interview] Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis

[Interview] Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, "Metaverse core, 'user value experience' not at the platform level."

"The Metaverse ecosystem is key to bringing him together with the industry, leading to a new customer experience in the era of digital transformation.Rather than simply using the platform, the growth of not only companies but also related industries will depend on the immersive UX that clearly allows users to experience the IP value of each company to be incorporated into it." Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, a VFX (CG) company specializing in VFX (CG) and currently making new moves in conjunction with realistic technology, recently proposed the industry's correct approach to the meta-bus ecosystem.

I met with Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, who is advocating "Emotional UX" and presenting a new paradigm with realistic technology capabilities.>

He recently met with co-CEO Cho Sung-ho at the Space Elvis office building in Seocho-gu, Seoul.Space Elvis is a place where more than 20 years of VFX experts, including dramas and movies as well as games and animations, are united.

Along with the experience of realizing the overall VFX effect of domestic video contents, from movies such as Assassination, Beauty Inside, Suspect, Chosun Name Detective, Berlin, Myeongnyang, Mr. Go, Haeundae, and Ansiung, to VFX contents such as Taewangsagi.

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Co-CEO Cho Sung-ho is a representative VFX expert in Korea who has learned a global sense through communication with China and technology accumulated through digital Sunil, VSTEC, Nextplay, and Studio Macrograph.During the interview, CEO Cho talked in detail about the current level of realistic technology and the scalability of the meta-bus ecosystem based on it.In particular, it was clearly pointed out that the customer experience will be a new completion factor for the metaverse ecosystem and the industry group based on it. ◇ Cho Sung-ho, CEO of Korea, "Improved the level with both market and government initiatives." Recently, domestic realistic technology is facing great development as it is used as a key element in realizing extended reality (XR) in graphic effects to express major scenes in dramas and movies.In particular, its value and level are rising together in the global content market held through Netflix as well as K-pop Hallyu.This basis can be said to be due to the fact that it has evolved from labor intensity to technology intensity under the leadership of institutions and markets, and has begun to achieve the level of expression at the global level.

<Picture = Space Elvis provided by Gwanghwa Era-Gwanghwain, a support project for the Korea Creative Content Agency that Space Elvis participated in.>

CEO Cho Sung-ho said, "We have been working on the VFX field for more than 10 years and have developed a realistic media technology field that combines a real-time engine base to create a long-term corporate operating structure."As a result, technology and stability are more than a certain level now," he said.

CEO Cho added, "The recent K-content syndrome through Netflix is a combination of self-sustaining content creators and stable element technologies prepared in a long competition." ◇ CEO Cho Sung-ho "Leads synergy between technology and IP, and links between realistic technology and heterogeneous industries." Recently, realistic media technology is entering a new phase with solidarity with heterogeneous industries as well as content that can be said to be the main field.In particular, as the non-face-to-face stance has become stronger due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems to be immersed in preparing contacts with realistic media regardless of industry.Regarding this trend, CEO Cho Sung-ho said, "With the establishment of a contact point between killer IP and technology, a foundation is being laid that values consumer experience aspects."

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Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, said, "Unlike overseas, where IP and technology are generally on the same line of investment, it is common in Korea to create synergy by adding technology to the development of UX (user experience) through strong IP or media." He added, "However, with the performance of domestic unicorn companies, technology and industry can grow together now that a new customer experience environment has been created.In line with this, Space Elvis is also introducing a solution that replaces the accumulated know-how from traditional production methods with real-time engines." ◇ CEO Cho Seong-ho "We need more realistic technology to emphasize interaction in the meta-bus ecosystem." The approach from general VFX to virtual augmented reality (VR, AR) or extended reality (XR) has similarities, but is not exactly consistent in itself.There are some different parts, not only the key scene elements but also the following techniques.What is the difference in the industry?CEO Cho Sung-ho pointed out that it is a balance between effectiveness and efficiency, and talked about various experiences between XR (expanded reality) live that have been repeated recently.

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Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, said, "For example, in the case of idol XR Live, it was necessary to properly coordinate the full-screen-centered cut that can administer graphic elements and close-up for viewers' mutual communication.In addition, in the world's first XR Live Commerce, which recorded the second-largest sales and 110,000 total viewers in the eBay apparel sector last month, it was unique in that feedback was generated through sales in reruns other than the broadcast on the day." CEO Cho Sung-ho added, "The difference between existing VFX and realistic technology is an effect-efficiency balance according to interaction with 'other world' rather than 'realism' that feels like a real field in this context will be a necessary part of realistic technology and even metavers." ◇ CEO Cho Seong-ho "Development of Metaverse depends on the possibility of giving 'valueable experience'"

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In short, Space Elvis, led by co-chairman Cho Sung-ho, has been accumulating more than 20 years of experience in the content technology industry with rapid development, including the real-time expansion of VFX.What are the platform technologies such as Metaverse and NFT that have recently been developing along with realistic technologies?CEO Cho stressed that Metaverse is leading the communication contact point between companies and customers, and that realistic technology is key to the elements of customer experience for valuable use and access of the platform.

I met with Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, who is advocating "Emotional UX" and presenting a new paradigm with realistic technology capabilities.>

CEO Cho Sung-ho said, "The ultimate goal of the Metaverse platform is to prepare big data for customer-tailored services.The important thing here is, of course, the inflow, stay, and utilization of the platform," he said. "Content efforts are needed to breathe and empathize with each other from a long-term perspective, not from front-line advertisements or issues." He added, "It doesn't end just by using the platform, but the content that gives them a 'valueful experience' that can meet their height with both sides of communication with users is inevitably a key keyword of NFT as well as a systematic storyline and visual."

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Finally, Cho Sung-ho, co-CEO of Space Elvis, said, "The current goal is to expand the current experience of the public and meet through solutions such as 'Studio Elvis' and 'PersonaUX', which transplant personal information through avatars, as various IPs from real IP to Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU) to platform IP." E-newspaper Internet reporter Park Dong-sun (


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