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FILA XR Fashion Show, the first meeting between XR and Live Commerce

FILA XR Fashion Show, the first meeting between XR and Live Commerce

Input 2021-11-02 14:20:53 Revised 2021.11.02 14:20:53 Reporter Kim Dong-ho.

- The world's first B2C case that recorded sales through real-time XR live commerce.

- Looking forward to profit model through grafting with various e-commerce platforms in the future

Space Elvis, an XR content company, successfully ended the world's first XR fashion show "FILA's Smart Factory Live," which combines XR technology and live commerce technology. In commemoration of the 110th anniversary of FILA, the FILA XR fashion show, which aired for 60 minutes on the Gmarket platform on October 27, had 70,000 total access (UV) and 110,000 total viewers (PV), more than three times larger than similar items at the same time, and all supplies were quickly exhausted.Viewers who encountered the world's first real-time XR fashion show responded enthusiastically through the chat window, saying, "It's like a sofa stage," and "The stage quality is really high." In this real-time XR fashion show, viewers were able to check clothes and shoes they wanted to wear through AR technology in three dimensions, and on the runway, a unique fashion show was held in a virtual space using the XR video system, stimulating viewers' desire to purchase.After the broadcast, a G Market official said, "Internally, there was a favorable reputation for broadcasting that took place in other ways using XR and AR technology," adding, "Fashion broadcasting was somewhat less efficient than other broadcasts, but through this live broadcast, it was possible to generate sales."

Photo description: FILA XR Fashion Show Space Elvis, which introduced XR technology to Live Commerce, has a reputation in the industry as a talented producer with an all-in-one pipeline of VFX-VR-AR-XR, and is expanding XR-based technology to various fields following realistic media technology.The FILA XR fashion show, where Space Elvis' XR technology and Live Commerce met, was recorded as the world's first real-time sales revenue. Space Elvis CEO Cho Sung-ho said in an interview, "It is meaningful to create the first case of making B2C profits by bringing together the fragmented XR technology rather than the first modifier," adding, "Through this case, we got an insight to determine what XR technology will contribute to the 'virtual environment purchase and approval process'."

Meanwhile, the FILA XR Fashion Show was held as part of KOCCA's 2021 realistic content production support project, and Space Elvis plans to create a fashion market O2O platform applying K-fashion brands and XR technology in the future and expand digital influencer live shows.

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