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Behind Netflix's No. 1 movie "Carter" is hidden XR technology?

Movie "Carter" [Photo = Netflix]

The content industry is paying attention to XR technology used in film production, with the movie "Carter" (Director Jung Byung-gil) topping the top 10 Netflix rankings released on the 10th along with the drama "Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo."

The Netflix movie "Carter" is a story about Carter (Juwon), who wakes up with a memory loss, successfully completes the mission within a given time, showing various actions from a first-person perspective, and this filming technique allows viewers to experience controlling characters by playing FPS games.

Carter's intense action scenes and unique filming techniques were completed through the pre-biz process of Space Elvis, a domestic XR content company.

Previs is an abbreviation for Pre-Visualization, which means making a temporary edited version of a movie with CG before shooting.Through this, the importance of directing freebies in Hollywood blockbuster films is highlighted as accurate spatial information and camera movements can be grasped in advance, and "Carter" is known to be Space Elvis' first attempt to conduct freebies of all processes as a Netflix domestically produced film with director Jung Byung-gil.

Carter's Free Biz production has the advantage of reflecting the modifications of production in real time using Unreal 4, a real-time engine, and XHUTLE, its own XR solution, and high-level scenes such as motorcycle chase, helicopter action, climbing, and skydiving are also possible.

영화 ’카터’ 리얼타임 프리비주얼(왼쪽), 실제 촬영장면 [사진=스페이스엘비스]

The movie "Carter" real-time pre-visual (left), actual filming scene [Photo = Space Elvis]

Park Kyu-min, vice president of Space Elvis, who oversaw the pre-visual work, filming and one-take real-time action work of the movie Carter, said, "Through the advancement of its own solution 'Xhuttle' applied to the movie 'Carter,' it will be a customized service."

Jung Young-mi:


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