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2021 XR Metaverse Convention will be held at 5G Virtual Reality Convention View Exhibition

2021 XR Metaverse Convention will be held at 5G Virtual Reality Convention View Exhibition

From the 21st to the 23rd...XR presents the current status and future vision of meta-bus technology

InternetInput: 2021/12/20 10:44

Recently, keywords related to extended reality (XR) and meta-bus have become a hot topic in various fields of society.

Among them, the "XR Metaverse Convention," where you can look at the present of XR and Metaverse from the 21st to the 23rd of this month, will be held through the 5G virtual reality convention platform "View Exhibition."

The event will be hosted by global IT media GDNET Korea, organized by N.P., an XR meta-bus company, and sponsored by KT.Representative domestic and foreign companies and meta-bus-related companies related to XR technology, which are frequently used in K-POP concerts, will participate as booths to show how XR and meta-bus are being used and how they will evolve.

XR Metaverse Convention

At the conference, CEO Park Kwan-woo, who is the CEO of Wizziwick Studio and is in charge of Com2us CMVO (Metaverse General Responsibility), will give a keynote speech on the present and future of Metaverse under the theme of "Journey To the Metaverse."

Next, Min Kyung-joon, head of ▲ Unity Korea, will participate as a speaker to hold conferences on XR and meta-bus-related topics, including ▲ Space Elvis CEO Cho Sung-ho's "Technology to Distinguish Fake Metaversees, XR" lecture and ▲ SK Telecom Metaverse Contents Team.

The Platform View Exhibition, where the event will be held, is a 5G virtual reality convention platform developed and operated by NPI, Dillusion, and KT.It was developed with the support of the Korea Communications Development Fund as a "5G Content Flagship Project Support Project" organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA).

Participating conventions can be participated through PC, mobile, and VR without time and space constraints, and services for practical business creation such as artificial intelligence buyer matching can be used.

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An official from NP, the organizer of the event, said, "Through the 5G virtual reality convention platform 'View', we will be able to have business exchanges more easily and comfortably than offline."

Information related to the "XR Metaverse Convention" held in a virtual space can be found on the "View Exhibition" website.

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