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2021 Knowledge Service Merit...Commendations from eight companies, including Ubion.

2021 Knowledge Service Merit...Commendations from eight companies, including Ubion.

발행일 : 2021.12.09 14:51 지면 : 2021-12-10 23면

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency held the "2021 Knowledge Service Convergence Conference" event at COEX on the 9th. The conference was held with the aim of revitalizing the domestic knowledge service industry and enhancing global competitiveness by sharing domestic and foreign innovation cases and success know-how in the knowledge service sector.

From the left, Lee Seung-ho, CEO of Space Elvis, Kim Tae-jong, Director of Hyundai English history, Lee Chae-wook, CEO of Gurumi Lee, Kim Sang-mo, Director of Industry and Technology Convergence Policy, Jang Bong-jin, Senior Specialist of P&J, Choi Myung-soo, Director of Soft Empire, Kim Ji-hye.

Jang Bong-jin, head of the Ubion Research Institute, Choi Myung-soo, CEO of Soft Empire, Kim Ji-hye, managing director of Techville Education, and Won Young-bok, senior expert of P&J, were named individual winners.World Vertex, Hyundai English history, Space Elvis, and Gurumi were awarded in the group commendation.

Since then, keynote lectures on how to develop the knowledge service industry and presentations on success stories of e-learning and edutech companies, whose demand has increased since the pandemic, have been made. Song Se-kyu, general manager of Udemi Korea Business, Hong Jong-min, director of Hunet, Jin Young-hyun, head of KISTEP Center, and Professor Lee Ho-gun of Cheongju University participated in the keynote speech to introduce the development of edutech and vocational training at home and abroad and knowledge service trends. In the presentation of best practices, four companies, Lloyd, Genie Robot, Gurumi, and Klaasum, shared examples of overseas expansion in the education using artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and meta-bus and non-face-to-face knowledge service industry.

Knowledge service is an industry that creates added value through the production, processing, utilization, and distribution of knowledge, and is an industrial field that increases its importance due to non-face-to-face activation with COVID-19 and changes in consumption patterns.The Ministry of Industry and Energy is increasing the budget for technology development in the knowledge service sector from 46 billion won in 2020 to 61.6 billion won next year and expanding the scale of support every year.

Kim Sang-mo, a policy officer for convergence of industrial technology at the Ministry of Industry, said, "E-learning industry recorded about 4.6 trillion won last year, up 17% from the previous year due to increased non-face-to-face demand in education and industrial sites." Reporter Kim Myung-hee:


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