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We've been working on VFX for a long time to broaden 'visual pleasure'. 
The target was clients that set the unit price of the market. 

Until recently, various attempts have been repeated with VR/AR element technology to help 'intuitive understanding'. 
The target was related organizations that established policies and distributed subsidies. 

From now on, I will spare no time to think about expanding the horizon of experience. 
Targets are 'online audiences' who are willing to spend their time. 
The start of the Big Change triggered by COVID-19 will be an unprecedented opportunity for us. 

How can I play Elvis Presley's rock and roll to aliens? 
That's Attitude, where we approach the project. 
And I decided to call it Space Elvis.

Technology is not about catching up, it's about using it first.
Leave your time to experts, and your customers focus on what's more valuable
We are well aware that the joy of achievement is extraordinary.



Aespa 에스파 - SAVAGE

Project :  XR Live for U

Contents : K-POP XR Stage

Partner info : SM Entertainment

Artist : Aespa

Production : SPACEELVIS

Recent Work

We provide all-in-one solution to the planning/production/installation/application process in exhibition area.