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Space Elvis selected real-life content production support project hosted by KOCCA in 2022

Space Elvis has selected KOCCA's realistic content production support project for the second consecutive year in 2022.

Space Elvis announced that it has been selected for the 2022 realistic content production support project hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) for the second consecutive year.

This project includes meta-bus-based new media content such as audience-participating musicals, space-building theme parks, NFT artwork production, digital virtual human production, and various realistic content production projects applying artificial intelligence.

In addition, representative professional technology companies in the domestic XR field will participate in this production support project.

Space Elvis has long been paying attention to the XR Metaverse project as a new business in the future, and is studying XR platforms using it, such as core infrastructure XR Metaverse production technology, 3D space construction, live motion, and photorealistic.

Recently, SM's AESPA and XR M/V have been produced, and as FILA and XR fashion shows and live commerce, and CG-based new business models, Simon Dominic's DAx4 and France's National Museum of Natural History Special Exhibition <Sea, Exploration into Unknown> have confirmed the potential of fashion, cultural life, and sports.

Recently, it is developing a new concept studio shuttle (Xhuttle) that combines Facial Scan, Motion Capturing, and LED STUDIO.

Photo provided = Space Elvis

Space Elvis CEO Cho Sung-ho said, "At a time when global companies such as Google, NVDIA, Amazon, and Microsoft are leading the related technologies of the XR Metaverse project, we are continuously investing to spread XR innovation services and lead corporate growth and innovation through client satisfaction.In addition, we will make generous efforts to build an ecosystem that can compete with global companies," he said.

Reporter KIM MIN JU.


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