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Max, the Ministry of Science and Technology's selection of the XR Metabus Project... 8 billion in to

Max selected the XR Metabus Project under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology...8 billion won in support for 22 years.

Input 2021.05.18 16:19

On the 13th, the Max Consortium was selected for the "XR Metabus Project" contest organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Radio Promotion Association as part of the digital new deal project.

Photo courtesy of Max

The consortium, organized by Max and participated by professional technology companies in the XR field in Korea, was organized by ▲ WizWix Studio ▲ Space Elvis ▲ Letsi in the service content development field, ▲Max ▲ Alpha Circle in the development of AR glass, and Gumi Electronic Technology Institute information.

The XR Metabus Project creates a realistic virtual space and builds a meta-bus platform that connects the real world with augmented reality. ▲ AR urban information service that provides tourism and travel information ▲ AR space guidance service for the deaf and visually impaired ▲ user-experienced AR exhibition service ▲ AR mobile service ▲

In the future, XR service users will be able to use all of these services by downloading only one integrated application using App-in-app.Currently, as a service demonstration area, Changdeokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Cheonan Independence Commemoration and 3 areas, and about 1.7 million square meters of indoor and outdoor space are being promoted.

It is notable that this project is carried out on an open open platform.Anyone will be provided with an "XR Content Production Studio" that can produce XR content using XR spatial map data for three demonstration areas.The "XR Space Map Production Tool," which can produce XR spatial maps in other regions, will also be unveiled.

Park Jae-wan, CEO of Max, said, "A large number of companies with the best XR technology in Korea participated in all areas of CPND of Content-Platform-Network-Device," adding, "We plan to expand the target area by creating a crowd sourcing XR space map technology."

In addition, Max produces the best AR glass in Korea, making it available to users directly.It plans to commercialize practical AR glasses with a total weight of less than 100g by applying fin mirror optical technology owned by Retinal.

Meanwhile, Max, selected for the XR Metabus Project, will receive a total of 8 billion won by 2022 to build an XR Metabus ecosystem, and in 2023, additional state funds will be provided according to the results of the performance evaluation.


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