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Nine Communications presents proto hologram at 'World IT Show 2022'

Care Labs (263700), a company specializing in mobile health and beauty care platforms, announced on the 26th that its 100% subsidiary Nine Communications first introduced PROTO HOLOGRAM, the only distributor in Korea, through World IT Show 2022 held at COEX in Seoul. ProtoHologram is a realistic content communication platform that has succeeded in developing the world's first two-way communication using a fully independent two-way plug-and-play method using 5G communication.Proto hologram has proven its technology by winning a series of representative IT exhibitions such as CES 2022 and SXSW2022 in the U.S. earlier this year, taking advantage of two-way communication and real-time hologram transmission.

Demonstration site of proto-hologram in COEX World IT Show 2002 (Material: Nine Communications)

The proto hologram exhibition, which was presented at the World IT Show 2022, featured various participatory contents, including △ Space Elvis △ Cuzz △ Pulse Nine △ Pony Games, and writer △ Ho-beom of △ 3D motion technology. Yoo Young-jae, CEO of Nine Communications, said, "As this exhibition demonstrated that direct interaction between virtual and real people in Metaverse virtual space is possible, people will be able to confirm the infinite scalability and possibility of proto holograms.


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